Improving Outcomes For All Students in South Carolina

SC TEAMS is working with the SC Department of Education to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The network of providers within SC TEAMS is working toward this by building capacity with local schools and districts to implement evidence-based resources and practices. SC TEAMS also works with the University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and the Office for Special Education (within the Department of Education) to broaden our reach of service and resource availability.

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The SC TEAMS Network


The Academic Alliance provides support for educators working to improve both academic achievement and social competence of students with disabilities. This multi-tiered system includes reading, writing, and math resources for all students.


The Behavior Alliance provides support to ensure students experience a sense of belonging and engage successfully in school. The development of effective systems is made possible through multiple partnerships with state and local agencies.

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SC Partnerships for Inclusion provides support to increase inclusive early learning opportunities and school readiness for preschool children with disabilities. This center partners with districts to build their capacity to implement evidence-based inclusive early childhood practices.


The Transition Alliance builds capacity for transition programming while also serving as a bridge to and from local communities. This provider emphasizes the importance of increasing graduation rates through effective tools and support.


Connect With SC TEAMS

SC TEAMS is made up of many experienced educators working toward the common mission of making an impact on students’ lives. We are always looking for ways to better serve the community of South Carolina educators and students. If you are interested in how you can fit into this mission or you’d like to learn more about the SC TEAMS impact, we encourage you to contact us.